Goodies and Live Online Courses

Goodies and Live Online Courses

As all of us enter into this new and significant chapter of the new Regulation, we are looking ahead and how we can help more people.

Many can't spare the time or don't have the means to travel around for a course so today we are launching Live Online attendance for all of our courses. These will be including our 1-For-1 courses for people in need as well.

The first course will be held in London next month. It's our signature Data Protection Sensei, developed by Martin de Bruin - you can register here.

Early Bird registration is available till end of May and we also have some sweet sweepstakes.

We are also introducing some interesting merchandise to celebrate GDPR this week - you can check it out here. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below, especially about the burgundy. 

Picture courtesy of novelty retailer - suits of armour inspired by the warriors of medieval Japan for your feline or canine friend.